Wondershre DVD Ripper Platinum Review

Wondershare DVD Ripper can rip dvd on windows without any loss in original audio and video quality. It is the best dvd ripper for windows and has received many awards over the time for its ease of use and wide range of formats.

By using this software, you can rip your dvds in any format your like and carry the movies with them in your mobile phones, ipod, iphone and other similar portable devices to watch the movies whenever you want. The software supports all kind of dvds and you just need to insert them and select a proper format to rip them.

You can rip your home made video from dvds and upload the video on youtube If you want to do that. The possibilities are endless. The software supports all formats including AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RM and hundreds of other formats. You can either rip a dvd on windows or rip a dvd folder without a hitch. It is a very powerful software to rip dvds in high definition quality or sd quality.

It comes with a pre-defined set of formats and in most cases, you just need to use the default settings to rip the DVD. It means there is no hassle on your end and you even don't need to know what is bitrate, frame rate, resolution etc.. You can also rip to HD formats with the latest version of the software. This is probably the fastest dvd ripping software for windows.

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Key Features of Wondershare Windows DVD Ripper Platinum

1. Rip DVD To AVI, WMV and Lots of Other Video and Audio Formats

Rip DVD on Windows in lots of different audio and video formats with great ease. You can even rip dvd to audio in a few clicks. Ripping DVD To Any format has never been easier. You just need to click on "Start" button and watch the ripping progress bar.

2. Rip DVD To High definition video formats

The world is changing and now high definition is the latest video format. It provides stunning quality and this software is capable of ripping the dvd into latest HD formats including HD ASF, HD AVI, HD MP4, HD MOV, HD WMV, HD MPG, HD VOB, SWF, DV, AU, AIFF, FLAC and lots of other similar formats.

3. Fastest DVD Ripping For Windows

I've personally tested around 15 different dvd rippers for pc and I can certainly say that wondershare is the fastest dvd ripping among them. It uses advanced technology to extract data from dvd and preserves any loss in the quality. If you want to retain the original quality of the DVD, there is no other best dvd ripper out there.

4. Edit the Video According to your desire

So you dont' like the brightness of the video and you want to adjust it according to your desire! No problem, by using video editing features, you can adjust the brightness, contract, hue, saturation and several other factores of the video before you start ripping dvd. You can also trim, crop the video and apply your own watermark on the video.

5. Merge or Split DVD Chapters

If you want to combine all the chapters of the dvd in one video file, you need to use "Merge as One File" feature of the software.

6. Take Snapshots of the Dvd Video

Want to capture a pictures from the DVD? No problem. You can take snapshot of any frame in the dvd and save the captured image as jpg, bmp, gif formats.

7. Preview and Compare Video Effects

So you are ready to rip the dvd but not sure how the video effects will look like? It is easy. You can preview the video effects before ripping the dvd to know how the changes will look like. You can adjust the changes to your requirement and compare the original and the edited version.

8. Fully Customizable Video and Audio Settings

We have not hardcoded any settings of the format. The software is designed in such a way that It has all the default settings for a particular video format and it most cases, default settings are the right choice. However, If you know what you are doing, It is possible to alter the default properties of the video as bit rate, frame rate, resolution, video size and lots of other properties.

9. Free Technical Support and Upgrades

Are you afraid that what happens If you encounter a problem ripping dvd on windows? No problem, you can email the technical support staff and they will assist you promptly with the problems you are facing. If you face problem in running the software are upgrading your Windows operating system, you can download the upated version for free from our website. All upgrades are free for lifetime for our customers!

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