Tony Bellew willing to help McGregor camp for Mayweather battle if called upon

You're a major UFC fan. Originating from an immaculate boxing foundation, what made you incline toward MMA as far as valuing the game and its warriors?

I've generally appreciated it from the K1 days. I've generally watched it from when any semblance of Mark Kerr, Mark Coleman and in the UFC when Tank Abbot, Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie were battling. So I've generally been a fan truly. It's something that interests me.

Many individuals feel Conor McGregor does not have a possibility against Floyd Mayweather. Do you feel he ought to be fighting with a few title holder boxers to try things out?

He as of now competed with two or three Irish top level novices. The truth is, he's not a boxer. You can't take in our game overnight. The two games are just comparative in one way, and that is they're both battle sports, and a definitive objective is to leave your rival oblivious. That is the main examination amongst MMA and boxing.

It's essentially similar to football and rugby; in both games, they play with a ball, yet they're absolutely two unique games. You can't come into our game and rival the best. That is to say, I've seen individuals saying if Conor McGregor gets Floyd Mayweather clean he could thump him out. Anyway, fundamentally would you say you are attempting to reveal to me Conor McGregor hits harder than a prime Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton, Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, Shane Mosley? The rundown is perpetual.

Is it accurate to say that you are attempting to reveal to me that Conor can hit harder than every one of those folks with ten-ounce gloves on? In no way, shape or form! In the event that this was in an enclosure this would be over in 30 seconds, however, it's in a boxing ring. You can't realise what we do in a space of a couple of months.

In the event that McGregor does triumph, would this indelibly affect the game of boxing?

It would be the greatest marvel in the majority of the games. It will be the greatest stunt in sports history ever. I'm discussing all and any games at any point made by humankind. That is the sort of outside chances I have on Conor. I couldn't comprehend how it would influence boxing. It would really make a joke out of boxing. On the off chance that Floyd Mayweather loses, boxing is in question here.

At the point when the wrestler Antonio Inoki battled Muhammad Ali in the main ever major MMA session, Inoki lay there in the ring kicking and wounding Ali's legs. I get it was organised. It is extremely unlikely I could contend with a wrestler, however in the event that I hit the wrestler "blast!" at any stage, even with a light punch, he will rest. Be that as it may, while wrestler will tear my arm attachment out. Muhammad Ali's MMA battle was somewhat of a sham, yet he got generously compensated, so great on him.

McGregor has turned into the substance of the UFC. He has conveyed the game all alone and he's done it. He's sought after in the UFC. He's a unique case. You'd be fortunate on the off chance that you got another person again that discussions the way he does and to back it up as he does, so it can't be all buildup since he conveys as well, yet we will see on the day.

Amir Khan had tested McGregor to an MMA session a year ago. How might have Khan done had McGregor ventured in the boxing ring with the previous world champ?

Like I stated, you can't pick up boxing overnight. It's silly to try and propose it. The result would be precisely the same. Try not to misunderstand me, Amir Khan is significantly more defenceless than Mayweather, yet when Amir will hit McGregor he wouldn't see the punches coming. I've prepared with Amir Khan and I can reveal to you that he's the quickest thing I've ever prepared close by. He's that brisk. Trust me when I say I've prepared with some snappy warriors in my time, he's is by a wide margin the fastest I have ever observed very close. I've headed out to places with him and prepared with him when we were novices.

Your next huge duel?

I abandon it with Eddie Hearn. He's made the correct moves the privilege my profession up until this point. He's a decent individual, a companion of mine, somebody I trust. I comprehend what I have to do in this business and believing a promoter is hard, yet I do trust Eddie Hearn, so we're doing admirably together and may it proceed with that way.

Would you make yourself accessible to enable McGregor to plan for his memorable session if the open door is on the table, what's your immediate message to the Notorious?

My message to Conor McGregor is: 'Well done. You've recently earned yourself in the area of $100 million dollars. Great on you. May the best man win.'

Obviously, I would enable him to out. I truly like Conor. I'm really a Conor McGregor fan, so why not? I don't believe he will require somebody the measure of me. I'm 6 ft 3 and I measure 16 and a half stones and I hit like a truck – direct inverse to Mayweather. So he's not going to require me. In any case, on the off chance that he needs me I'm glad to enable him to get ready for this battle and fight.

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