The Dye Sublimation Printing

Dye sublimation is capable of producing printed dyes that can last for a very long time compared to other graphic pressing onto fabric materials. In fact, the best country flags out there are made from polyester cloth since they can hold color well and are resistant against winds.

When it comes to graphic pressing on fabrics, this is the best method to use. To know more about dye sublimation printing, you can also visit

You can be sure the inks won't mess around with the moisture wicking and all. For indoor usage, the display can last for 3 decades or more since the dyes are well embedded inside the polymer cells of the cloth.

One other benefit would be for you to be able to wash the printed displays without any easy fading of the colors. I happen to have this polyester shirt with a dye sub printed graphic flower designs and the dyes have not faded unlike those printed on cotton shirts.

The last benefit I can say is the quality of the color prints. In the process, the dyes are converted from liquid to gas state and then filled onto the polymer cells of the fabric with the aid of heat and pressure.

The tones just perfectly blend, producing rich color prints unmatched by other print processing out there. You only need the cloth to be 60% polyester at a minimum in order for sublimation printing to work.

However, it is highly suggested to have that 100% polyester to get that superior print tone. Remember that the polymer cells are the ones that will be holding the dyes in for long.

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