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African Culture and Tradition

Africa has often been referred to as the cradle of civilization.The first known societies are believed to have been from Africa. As such religions and cultures are inherently rich in Africa.

The African Rythm

Music and dance has been the main mode of communication in Africa as writing and reading came much later. It is known for its vibrancy and powerful beats mainly characterized by the African drum. Other musical instruments that are well known in Africa include: The Kayamba, Nyatiti and many kinds of wind instruments like the flute and trumpets


The marriage ceremony is the most important culture tradition in the African community. Infact, marriage involved the whole community from the children to the old people. It was so sacred that even the notion of divorce was never considered. Many tribes didn’t even have the term “divorce” in their vocabulary. A man often could have as many wives as he could afford and prearranged marriages was often considered as a traditional way of getting the best unions.






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