Horse Joints – What Are Affected?

Often people who are not familiar with, or have limited experience with the horse and medical conditions they believe that the horse joints knee (stifle) is the only joint affected by osteoarthritis.

Horses are very rarely affected knee osteoarthritis. The ankle (hacks) is the joints most often osteoarthritis together with the pastern and coffin joint.

This is due to the stress caused by athletic training and daily use. If you want to get more information about natural pain relief for horses, then you can navigate to

Shoeing right, weight management, and a healthy diet can slow joint damage; but even these preventive measures are not always enough. The medicine will eventually become a requirement as your horse begins to experience pain and swelling unceasingly.

Why Use Horse Joint Supplements?

Anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed by veterinarians to treat osteoarthritis. The problem with this is the fact that these drugs are not safe for long term use. Although the recipe may provide short-term relief, they do nothing to cure the real problem.

On the other hand, supplementation with horses we safe and deal with the root problem. When combined with a nutritional diet, supplement with horses we can help prevent osteoarthritis or slow joint damage has occurred.

A joint supplement also improves circulation horse riding, which accelerates tissue recovery. Most importantly, our horse joint supplements alleviate the pain, which will allow your horse to stay active during the healing process.