Fire Fighting System for Electronics Systems

The most damaging fires usually occur in unoccupied areas or at times when no man or woman is about- night time and vacations. Moreover, in a large place, it’s truly not possible to keep your eye on every aspect in any way places. Thus an automated installation in all these areas is necessary to round the clock fire protection.

Moreover, automatic installation is not difficult to erect without involving expensive and leaky pipe work. Our automatic fire extinguisher comes with gas based extinguishing agent or compound powder called the first responder. The gasoline based extinguisher is the reply to the security of server rooms, electrical panel space etc.. You can get all info about fire Fighting System for ElectronicsSystems through CAK International Co., Ltd.




The first responder fire extinguishers are a technological breakthrough that offers automatic fire protection for electrical electronics and an assortment of another risk. This fire extinguisher doesn’t need any external source of electricity to operate. It may be used for local application or complete flooding of hazards.

The automatic fire suppression equipment is small and portable. So it can be taken at the ideal place in a time of need. So it’s the best alternative for ensuring fire safety to significant places. These fire extinguishers can be customized to suit the different needs of the consumers.

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