Cloud PBX Phone Systems – The Important Guide

Does your current telephone system frustrate you by not meeting your expectations? You should definitely try a PBX system. This is one of the most powerful types of telephone systems and is equipped with various features. This telephone system can be easily expanded as your business grows.

The PBX telephone system is easy to use, easy to manage and includes all the standard features needed by the company. This is the reason there is a great demand for Cloud-Hosted PBX Phone System in AustraliaYou can rely on telephone services hosted in Australia to keep your telephone services running.

There are four types of systems and each has different strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the size, a number of callers, and resources that can be accessed for new equipment, you can choose one of the ideal telephone systems for your business.

Traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange)

This system connects callers through several telephone lines to various extensions. The traditional Private Branch Exchange system uses traditional lines to make and connect calls. This is more expensive than other types of PBX systems because it requires more equipment with expensive maintenance costs and down payment.

Hosted PBX

This is one of the preferred options for businesses. Hosted PBX is managed by a VoIP provider and is operated off-site. Business owners get additional benefits because they don't have to pay much for this system. Because one does not have to make an initial investment, a hosted Private Exchange Exchange system is the ideal choice for small businesses.


This system is similar to traditional Private Branch Exchange. Someone has to pay a good amount to buy and install a network. However, the overall costs are lower and have more features than traditional ones. IP PBX is easy to maintain and is suitable for companies who want to have direct control over their Private Branch Exchange, but don't want to pay subscription fees.

Virtual PBX

This telephone system is exactly the same as the hosted PBX and is also known as "cloud PBX." In general, this system costs less than the hosted Exchange Private Branch, but at the same time, it offers fewer features. For businesses that require multiple calling features, such as voice messaging and music hold, virtual PBX is the best choice available.

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