A Polar Bear’s Fight to Live

In accordance with most evidence accumulated by scientists and researchers everywhere, the phenomenon called global warming is fast killing off many polar bears.

A polar bear is dying in their own native ocean because of this global warming. Government agencies are not quick to remark on what could be the cause of the expanding climatic and environmental changes.

Environmentalists who have researched the problem have signaled that government policies towards energy and oil sources have initiated or contributed to the deaths of polar bears.

Since polar bears have evolved to the point of just searching on the ice and other cold areas, scientists forecast they will go extinct within the following two hundred decades, or even earlier. There are some organizations who are working to help the polar bears. If you also want to save polar bears then you can visit https://polarsociety.com/.

There have been numerous tragic photographs shot of polar bears clinging desperately to small ice floes they need to call a house that a lot of people wish to get something.

Since the polar bear was created by nature with not just one but two layers of fur, then it's able to survive extremely cold conditions. In reality, they could endure conditions nearing fifty under Fahrenheit – that is precisely why global warming will have such a dreadful effect with this species that is treasured.

Their whole body, from their ears to their tails to their way of searching is completely determined by cold climatic conditions. If everything proceeds in the way predicted by the majority of scientists, then the polar bears will have no hope.

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