2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Concept Drives & Renegade Trailhawk

The term “concept” includes a nebulous and fluid significance in the world of cars. It may mean anything from a futuristic figment of imagination carved to a preview of what stylists and engineers are thinking about into a disguise of an upcoming production automobile from foam. It may also mean “this won’t ever go into production, but it is cool, and we feel like doing it.” The latter is the doctrine that the designers and engineers that Jeep stick to, as evidenced by its many years of debuting fantastic and desired “concepts” in the yearly Moab Easter Jeep Safari which are often actually driven on the road.
We recently attended a Jeep event out of Los Angeles with a few of the newest concepts on screen, such as the Hellcatpowered Wrangler Trailcat, the Wrangler Shortcut, and 75th Anniversary “Tribute” version. Oh yeah, the 2017 Grand Cherokee lineup’s lineup was present. More on that later.
It was the first opportunity of this author. The Fiatbased, Italianbuilt compact faced intense scrutiny and questioning from its introduction about its bona fides of being a “real” Jeep. We can attest that after taking it off road on some trails that are challenging that it’s indeed capable and worthy but it needs a different strategy to offroading than its trailseasoned siblings.
Inspiration and the strategy for the Shortcut is relatable and straightforward. Inspired by the CJ5, the Shortcut is a JK Wrangler of wheelbase and its length with 12 inches, equipped with front and rear Dana 44s 35inch tires, and a lift. Basically of the hardware principles any Jeep aficionado would do themselves. It enabled us to take this oneoff as a demonstration of the confidence Jeep has in the soundness of its theories. All of the electronic and mechanical systems on the Shortcut functioned flawlessly, something which can not be said of driveable theories.
As you would expect, the wheelbase gave a ride compared to a Wrangler to the Shortcut. Additionally, it made it extremely maneuverable on the road. With ride height and a wheelbase, of driving the Shortcut offroad, the feeling could be puckerinducing for the uninitiated. However, the articulation with the suspension upgrades gave confidence on the trail to it. As a design exercise that is functional, we provide an thumbsup to the Shortcut. For a frequently or daily driven ride, your JK’s ride quality would make a livable option. If you are interested in buying truck tool box with gas tank, go to uws tool boxes.

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